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Community is a social and political blog focused mainly on challenges to meaningful life in communities.

Humans have always lived in religious, ethnic, tribal, regional and national communities in which they have nurtured their relationships, fostered their dreams and pursued the priorities of their lives.

Communities, too, have bred hatred and fought one another. After of onset of the Age of Nationalism, nations became the most violent of communities, and nationalist warfare climaxed in World War II. But while nations have all but stopped shooting at one another, conflicts between subnational communities (e.g. the Shiite and Sunni Arabs in Iraq, Kurds and Arabs in Syria) have heightened precipitously. In some of those conflicts, states are siding with certain communities (e.g. Syria, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar).

Today ethnic and religious strife poses the gravest challenges to life, liberty and happiness, especially in haphazardly created post-colonial states such as Syria, Iraq, Rwanda, Nigeria, Burundi, South Sudan, and so on. In fact, you can hardly find a postcolonial state in which ethnic and religious communities are at peace with one another.

We don’t have magic solutions to these human tragedies. We would just like to explore strategies and models to help overcome this challenge. Community is a forum through which we will continually engage in that exploration.

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